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PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140

China Guangzhou Huilian Machine Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Huilian Machine Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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I like this company. They are professional and frendly. Great service and friendly advice, fast delivery. very good price. I would like to order again when I need.

—— Mohammad Amin Rezagholi

El martillo hidráulico es muy potente. muy satisfecho con esta compañía por su calidad y cumplimiento gracias

—— Edison Huaman

Excellent products and great service! the breaker spare parts are fantastic and fit our machine exactly.

—— Ramcez Samson

على الرغم من أن الخدمات اللوجستية تمثل مشكلة صغيرة، إلا أن جودة محرك الحفار جيدة جدًا، وكل شيء يعمل بشكل طبيعي، وأنا أحب هذه الشركة كثيرًا، وخدمتهم لحل المشكلة جيدة جدًا، وراضية جدًا.

—— مفرح الحريسي

Детали для экскаваторов этого поставщика очень укомплектованы, мне нравится их продукция, особенно их гидравлический насос и детали гидравлического насоса, качество очень хорошее, но также и очень стандартное.

—— Артем Шахмартов

I am very happy to receive the engine and everything is normal during the installation and testing. This has been a big help to us. Thank you very much. I will definitely buy it next time

—— Steve Dy

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PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140

PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140
PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140 PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140 PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140 PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140

Large Image :  PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Huilian
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: PC360-7
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pieces
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 1-7days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, MoneyGram, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 PCS per month

PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140

Product Name: PC360-7 Hydraulic Pump Excavator Model: PC360-7
New Or Used: Refurbished Pump Color: Gray
Quality: 100% Professional Test TYPE: Construction Machinery Parts
Function: Tested Well Apply To: Excavator

For the brands and models of excavators commonly used in the market, our company has perfect matching products.
When the mechanical energy of the engine is converted into liquid pressure energy, the energy loss is greatly reduced, the conversion rate is improved, and the effect of energy saving, oil saving and power improvement is achieved.
For example, the perfect matching between the hydraulic main pump and the engine is shown in the figure, realizing high efficiency and energy saving


PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140

PART NAME Refurbished excavator hydraulic main pump 
PART NO. 708-2G-00024
Model PC300-7 PC360-7
Brand Refurbished pump
Warranty Unavailable
Delivery Time Based on quantity
MOQ 1 Piece
Contact Person Abby Ban
Phone 0086 15918721854


1.Availiable for all the world
2.Long warranty period
3.Professional Excavator and Bulldozer supplier
4.100% responsiblity for our products


Product Range

The excavator hydraulic pump is a vital component that drives the heart of construction machinery. It operates on the principle of converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, propelling the hydraulic fluid to exert force and execute various tasks. When the excavator's engine is running, it powers the pump's input shaft, creating rotational motion. This rotational force is transmitted to the pump's pistons or gears, which generate pressure within the hydraulic fluid. As pressure builds up, the hydraulic fluid is forced through the pump's outlet and into the hydraulic system. This high-pressure fluid is then distributed to the various hydraulic cylinders and motors, enabling the machine's pivotal movements, such as digging, lifting, and swinging. The hydraulic pump plays a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and productivity of the excavator. Its accurate and consistent fluid delivery ensures precise and smooth operations, while its durability and robust construction ensure reliable performance under demanding conditions. In conclusion, the excavator hydraulic pump is a crucial powerhouse that drives the machine's hydraulic system, enabling it to perform a wide range of essential tasks in the construction industry. Its reliable and efficient operation ensures that excavators can effectively handle various challenges on job sites, contributing to the success of construction projects worldwide.

PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140 0

We can also provide excavator hydraulic main pump (far more than these)
If you need other models, please send me an inquiry

For SK Pump model number For SH Pump model number Quqlity
SK60SR/70SR K3SP36B-(不带齿轮泵) SH130 K3V63DTP-9N2B high quality
SK60SR/70SR K3SP36B-(双齿轮泵) SH130-5 K7V63DTP-9Y2C high quality
SK135/130 K3V63DTP-0E01/0E02 SH200-1 K3V112DT-9C12(12T) high quality
SK135-8/140-8/130-8 K7V63DTP-0E13 SH200-1 K3V112DT-9C12(14T) high quality
SK200SR K5V80DTP-0E02 SH240-5/SH200A5 K3V112DTP-9Y14 high quality
SK200-8/210-8/250-8 K3V112DTP-YT0K SH200A3 K3V112DTP-9N49 high quality
SK230-6E K3V112DTP-9TEL SH290-5 K5V140DTP-9Y15 high quality
SK200-6(带铝底座) K3V112DTP-9TDL SH300A3 K5V140DTP-9N0A high quality
SK200-6(铁底座) K3V112DT-9T1L SH350-5/SH300-5/CX360 K5V160DTP-9Y04 high quality
SK200-10/250-10 K7V125DTP-0E3K SH350-5 (K3V180) K5V160DTP180R-9Y04 high quality
SK330-6E (D3V112) K3V112DTP-9TBR SH450-5 K3V180DTP-9Y0A high quality
SK330-6 (D3V112) K3V112DTP-9TBS     high quality
SK350-8 K5V140DTP-YT0K     high quality
SK330-6E(D5V140) K5V140DTP-9TBR     high quality
SK330-6 (D5V140) K5V140DTP-9TBS     high quality
SK350-10 K7V140DTP-0E3K     high quality
SK450-6/-6E K3V180DTH-9TOV     high quality
SK460-8 K5V200DPH-YTOK     high quality
        high quality
对于加藤 主泵编号 对于徐工 主泵编号 high quality
HD512 K3V63DT-9N04 XE150 K3V63DT-9N4H/9N2H high quality
HD700 HD820-1/2/3 K3V112DT-9N1A(14T) XE150 K7V63DTP-9N0E high quality
HD700 HD820-1/2/3 K3V112DT-9N1A(12T) XE195/210/215/230/240 K3V112DT-9NC9 high quality
HD700 HD820-1/2/3 K3V112DT-9N1A(14T) XE195/210/215/230/240 K3V112DT-9ND9 high quality
HD700 HD820-1/2/3 K3V112DT-9N1A(12T) XE335C K3V140DT-9ND9 high quality
HD820-R K3V112DT-9N7A XE370C2/C3 K5V160DTH-9N3A/9N4A high quality
HD1430 K3V180DT-9N15 XE450/470C3/490 K5V200DTH-9NOH high quality
高清2045 K3V180DTH-9N2S     high quality
        high quality
沃尔沃 主泵编号 对于斗山 主泵编号 high quality
EC140 K3V63DT-9NOT DH150 K5V80DTP-HNOV high quality
EC145 K5V80DT-9NOJ DX150 K3V63DT-9N0T high quality
EC210/EC240/EC210B K3V112DT-9N24 DH80/R80 AP2D36 high quality
SE240-3/EC240B K3V112DT-9N2A DH120/S130/150-7 K3V63DT-HNOV high quality
EC210D K3V112DT-1E05 DH150 K3V63DTP-HNOW high quality
EC290 K3V140DT-9N04 DH225-7 K3V112DT-HN0V high quality
EC250D K5V140DT-1E05 DX225 K3V112DTP-9N1T high quality
EC300D K5V160DT-1E05 DH225-9(取力器) K3V112DTP-HN2M high quality
EC360(新)/EC380 K3V180DT-9N56(齿轮泵) DH225-9-E(取力器) K3V112DTP-9N2M high quality
EC360(新)/EC380 K3V180DT-9N05(不带齿轮泵) DX260(取力器) K3V112DTP-9NM9 high quality
EC360 K3V180DTP-9N05 DH258 K3V112DTP-HN1F high quality
EC380(新) K3V180DT-9N5P S290 K3V140DT-HNOV high quality
EC460 K3V180DTH-9N2B S300-7 K5V140DTP-9N01 high quality
EC460 K5V200DTH-9N0B DX300 K5V140DTP-9N07 high quality
EC480D(新) K5V200DTP-9N8X DH320 K3V180DT-HN0P high quality
EC480D K5V200DTH-9N2Y EC360 转 DH500 K5V200DTP-9N05 high quality
    SY335转DH500 K5V200DTH-DH500 high quality
        high quality
现代 主泵编号 三一重工 主泵编号 high quality
R130 K5V80DTP-9N05/9N01 SY75 K3VL80B-10RSM-L11-TB110 high quality
R140-7/170-7 K5V80DTP-9C05 SY75(电控) K3VL80/B-10RSM-L1/1-TB307 high quality
R150 K5V80DTP-9N0W SY135/SY135-5/-8 K7V63DTP-0E23 high quality
R130/150/160 K3V63DT-9N1S/9N01 SY130 K3V63DT-9N2H high quality
R130/140-7 K3V63DT-9COS SY135 K3V63DT-9POH high quality
R215-7 K3V112DT-9N3P SY205/215(负控)CM K3V112DTP-9TCM high quality
R215-9 K3V112DTP-9P12 SY205/215(正控)8L K3V112DTP-9T8L high quality
R215-9T/R225-9T/275-9T K3V112DTP-9N62 SY205/215(六孔)0E K3V112DTP-0E11 high quality
R210-7/220-7/225-7 K3V112DT-9C32 SY245/265 K7V125DTP-0E05/0E09 high quality
R290-7 K3V140DT-9C12 SY235 K5V140DTP-0E01 high quality
R300-7/305LC-7 K5V140DTP-9C12 SY235 K5V140DTP-9T1L high quality
R320-3 K3V180DT-9N69 SY335 K5V160DTP-9T06 high quality
R320-7/335-7 K3V180DT-9C69 SY335 K5V160DTH-9T06 high quality
R350/360-3/R385-9T K3V180DTH-9N1S/9N4S SY335 K5V200DTH-9N1H high quality
R360-7/7A K3V180DTH-9C0S SY385 K5V200DTH-0E30 high quality
R375/360-7 K3V180DTP-9COG SY365 K5V160DTH-0E60 high quality
R375/360-7 K3V180DTP-9COG(带取力器) SY330/360 K3V140DT-9TCM high quality
R455 K5V200DTH-9C0Z SY285 K3V140DT-9T1L high quality
    SY485 K5V212DPH-OE81 high quality
        high quality
对于日立 主泵编号 对于柳工 主泵编号 high quality
ZX200 HPV102 LG908 K3SP36C high quality
ZX200-3 HPV118 LG915 K3V63DT-9N2J high quality
ZX330/350/360-1 HPV145 LG920/922/923/925 K3V112DT-9N64 high quality
ZX330-3 HPV145 LG230 K3V112DT-2N59 high quality
ZX470-3 K5V200DPH-0E02 LG K3V112DTP-9NE4 high quality
ZX450-1 K5V200DPH-0E11 LG925EII K5V140DTP-9N25 high quality
        high quality
小松用 主泵编号 对于中联重科 主泵编号 high quality
PC200-7 HPV95 ZE150E K7V63DTP-9N0E high quality
PC200-8 HPV95 ZE205/210/230/260 K3V112DT-9N94 high quality
        high quality
卡特彼勒 主泵编号 通用品牌 主泵编号 high quality
CAT312B K3V63DT-9N2D 通用型号 K3V63DT-9N00(14T) high quality
CAT312C SBS80 通用型号 K3V112DT-9N00(14T) high quality
CAT320C/320D SBS120     high quality

PC360-7 PC360 PC360LC-7 Second hand hydraulic main pump used rebuilt pump HPV140 1

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