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EB75 Hydraulic Breaker SB43 Excavator Attachment Hammer Road Construction Demolition

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Huilian
Model Number EB75 Hydraulic Hammer
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price USD; RMB
Packaging Details Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 1-7 days
Payment Terms L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Supply Ability 10000 pcs per Month
Product Details
Part Name SB43 Hydraulic Hammer Assembly Performance Excavator Attachment
Application 6-9 Ton Excavators Machine Model PC70 PC75 PC78 ZX70 CAT307 CAT308 R80 DH80
Operating Weight 410 Kgs Required Oil Flow 50-90 L/Min 13.2-23.8 Gal/min
Setting Pressure 180bar/ 2560 Psi Operating Pressure 120-150 Bar/ 1707-2134 Psi
Impact Energy 1017 Joule/ 750 Ft.lbs / 104 Kg.m Impact Rate 400-800/ Bpm
Hose Diameter 1/2 " Tool Diameter 75mm / 3 Inch
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Product Description

EB75 Hydraulic Breaker SB43 Excavator Attachment Hammer Road Construction Demolition

EB-75 Hydraulic Breaker Spec:

Hydraulic Breaker/ Hydraulic Hammer EB750 Suitable Excavator ton 6-9     1. Inward Valve type without accumulator
T: Open type top mounted
B: Box type top mounted
S: Open type side mounted

2. Packing Details:
Hydraulic hammer ass'y -1pcs;
hammer chisel -2pcs;
Flexible hydraulic hose -2pcs;
Nitrogen Gas Cylinder -1pcs;
Tool box with tools -1set

3. Hydraulic Hammer Applicable Fields:
Mining: Mining, Second-time breaking.
Metallurgy: Clearing slag, Demolition of fuenace and foundation.
Road: Repairing, Breaking, Foundation work.
Railway: Tunneling, Demolition of bridge.
Construction: Demolition of building and reinforced concrete.
Ship repairing: Clearing clam and rust from the hull.
Other: Breaking frozen mud, etc.

lb 13228-19841  
EB75T Operating
kg 407 EB75T MOQ≥1 USD1550
lb 895
EB75B Operating
kg 413 EB75B MOQ≥1 USD1750
lb 909
EB75S Operating
kg 418 EB75S MOQ≥1 USD2050
lb 920
EB750 Required Oil Flow l/min 50-90    
gal/min 13.2-23.8    

Setting Pressure
bar 180    
psi 2560    
Operating pressure bar 120-150    
psi 1707-2134    
Impact Energy joule 1017    
ft.lbs 750    
kg.m 104    
Impact Rate bpm 400-800    
Hose Diameter inch 1/2    
Noise level dB 115    

Tool Diameter
mm 75    
inch 3    
EB75T Packing Size CM   1320*430*590    
Weight KG   450    
EB75B Packing Size CM   1320*430*590    
Weight KG   465    
EB75S Packing Size CM   1210*500*1100    
Weight KG   465    
  Color   White/Yellow/Blue/Red/Green    


EB45 SB20 Hydraulic Breaker Excavator Hammer


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Hammer Parts Main Body Back Head Charging Valve Cylinder Seal Retainer
Socket Plug Piston Adapter Valve Valve Plug Valve Sleeve
Front Head Grease Nipple Rod Pin Stop Pin Rubber Plug Front Head Pin
Ring Bush Thrust Bush Upper Bush Front Cover Tool Bush Lower Bush
Rod Moil Point Chisel Washer Through Bolt Side Rod Hex Nut
Air Check Valve Valve Adjuster Accumulator Accumulator Body Accumulator Cover Socket Bolt
Charging V/V Diaphragm Seal Kit O-Ring Seal Gas Seal Step Seal
Buffer Seal Dust Seal U-Packing Back-up ring Side Bolt Upper Cushion
Down Cushion Tool Set N2 Gas Charging Set N2 Gas Cylinder B-3way valve assy  

EB75 Hydraulic Breaker SB43 Excavator Attachment Hammer Road Construction Demolition 1

Strike piston ­ Piston de frappe ­ Schlagkolben ­ Piston 155437
Lower tool bushing ­ boccola Inferiore ­ douille inferieure ­ Meisselbuchse hinten ­ Casquillo inferior 155206
Thrust ring ­ distanziale ­ bague entretoise ­ Prellring ­ Casquillo Impacto 155467
Tool retainers ­ fermautensili ­ clavettes de retenue ­ Haltekeil­ Petacas 153235
Diaphragm ­ membrana ­ membrane ­ 102942

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