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FURUKAWA HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Middle Cylinder Assembly For Hammer Spare Part

Place of Origin China
Brand Name HuiLian
Certification ISO9001
Model Number HB30G
Minimum Order Quantity 1PC
Price $4000-$5000
Packaging Details Carton Box
Delivery Time 3-5 days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 1000PCS PER DAY
Product Details
Condition New Weight 456KG
Material Iron Brand Name FURUKAWA
Model Number HB30G Warranty 3 Months
Part Name HB30G Middle Cylinder Assembly Application Hydraulic Breaker
High Light

HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Cylinder Assembly


Furukawa Hydraulic Breaker Cylinder Assembly

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Product Description

FURUKAWA HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Middle Cylinder Assembly For Hammer Spare Part

Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts

FURUKAWA HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Middle Cylinder Assembly For Hammer Spare Part 0

Product Description

 name HB0G Middle Cylinder Assembly
Application Hydraulic Breaker
Condition New
Catalog Hydraulic Breaker Parts
Factory Price Wholesale
Feature High Efficiency, Long Life
Transport Package Carton Packing
Machinery Excavator
Material Iron
Delivery by Air,by Express
Pressure Pressure Type
Trademark (FURAKAWA)
Specification 456kg

 FURUKAWA HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Middle Cylinder Assembly For Hammer Spare Part 1

HB-0.5G HB-10G HB-40G HB-4R F-2 F-11 F-27 FX-25 FX-360
HB-1G HB-15G HB-50G HB-100 F-3 F-12 F-30 FX-35 FX-470
HB-2G HB-18G HB-05R HB-200 F-4 F-17 F-35 FX-45 FXJ-175
HB-3G HB-20G HB-1R HB-300 F-5 F-19 F-45 FX-55 FXJ-275
HB-5G HB-30G HB-2R HB-400 F-6 F-20 F-70 FX-65 FXJ-375
HB-8G HB-35G HB-3R F-1 F-9 F-22 FX-15 FX-220 FXJ-475
SB10 , SB20 , SB30 , SB35 , SB40, SB50, SB60, SB60TR-P, SB70, SB70TR-P, SB81N, SB81, SB81TR-P, SB81A, SB85, SB121, SB121TR-P, SB130, SB130TR-P, SB140, SB140TR-P SB147, SU+85, SB85, SU+125, SB125, SB151, SB151TR-P, SB10TS-P, SB20TS-P, SB40TS-P, SB43TS-P, SB45TS-PSB50TS-P, SB60TS-P, SB70TS-P, SB81TS-P, SB100TS-P, SB121TS-P, SB130TS-P, SB140TS-P, SB151TS-P, SQ10, SQ20, SQ30, SQ35, SQ40, SQ43, SQ45, SQ50, SQ60, SQ70, SQ80, SQ100, SQ120, SQ130, SQ140, SQ150, SQ181. ET200, ET300. SB150, SB151, SB157
SB-10 SB-50 SB-100 SB-151 SH-35G SQ-80 SU+55 ST200
SB-20 SB-60 SB-120 SB-152 SH-40G SQ-100 SU+85 ST300
SB-30 SB-70 SB-121 SB-160 SH-200 SQ-120 SU+105 ET200
SB-35 SB-80 SB-130 SB-162 SH-400 SQ-130 SU+125 ET300
SB-40 SB-81 SB-140 SB-202 SH-700 SQ-140 SU+145  
SB-43 SB-81A SB-145 SH-18G SQ-60 SQ-150 SU+155  
SB-45 SB-81N SB-150 SH-20G SQ-70 SQ-180 SU+165  
S-18 S-26 S-83 G-80 M-18 222 999 1655
S-20 S-26N S-84 G-80N IN-8 255 555 Scaler 2155
S-21 S-27 S-86 G-88 IN-11 315 777 Scaler 2166
S-22 S-29 E-63 G-90 IN-15 333 999 Scaler 2577
S-23 S-52 E-64 G-100 IN-22 355 555 HOT 3288
S-23N S-54 E-65 G-110 108 455 777 HOT 4099
S-24 S-55 E-66 G-120 111 522 999 HOT 5011
S-25 S-56 E-66N G-130 155 555 1322 7013
S-25N S-82 E-68 M-14 211 777 1533 4099 PRO
HM-45 HM-50 HM-55 HM-60 HM-60V HM-75 HM-85
HM-90 HM-90V HM-100 HM-110 HM-130 HM-135 HM-140V
HM-170 HM-185 HM-190V HM-200 HM-220 HM-230 HM-300
HM-301 HM-305 HM-350 HM-400 HM-550 HM-551 HM-560
HM-580 HM-600 HM-601 HM-680 HM-700 HM-701 HM-702
HM-705 HM-710 HM-711 HM-712 HM-720 HM-780 HM-800
HM-900 HM-901 HM-902 HM-950 HM-951 HM-952 HM-960-1
HM-960-2 HM-1000 HM-1300 HM-1500 HM-1800 HM-2000 HM-2100
HM-2200 HM-2300 HM-2500 HM-2600 HM-3000 HM-4000 AT-20
AT-70 AT-120 AT-170 AT-220      


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EHB23, EHB40, EHB50, EHB70
DHB75, DHB165, DHB305, DHB405, DHB805, DHB1305, DHB1605, DHB2305, DHB130S, DHB160S,
DHB230S, DHB150S, DHB200S, 300S, DHB350S, DHB400S, DHB1000S, DHB1500S, DHB2000S,
DHB2200S, DHB3600S, DHB4200S
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FURUKAWA HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Middle Cylinder Assembly For Hammer Spare Part 2
Company Introduction
Our company was established in 2011. Huilian is a professional spare parts manufacturer and reliable supplier, providing almost all spare parts for various models rock breakers.
FURUKAWA HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Middle Cylinder Assembly For Hammer Spare Part 3